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Banality of Evil | By Siddhanth Sharma

Banality of Evil  By Siddhanth Sharma   Introduction      Why do people do appalling things? This problem has been the centre of philosophical deliberations since centuries. No amount of rationalization of these depraving human tendencies, can explain the darker side of human nature. After the Second World War, people are trying to seek more naturalistic explanations, and are doing away with metaphysical justifications. Needless to say, evil has been the deepest and most central aspect of human existence. Our idea of ‘evil’ have been borrowed from the plethora of portrayals of the phenomena- through literature, religious scriptures, art, and other means. Since time immemorial, different religions, cultures and societies have utilized various means to portray and disseminate their interpretations of Evil. On a brief perusal of these representations, it is safe to say that, since time immemorial, society has personified evil as a grotesque looking, abysmal, maniacal beast with long fangs

Beware The Russian Bear | By Vikrant Sharma

Beware The Russian Bear  By Vikrant Sharma  Founder-Editor, The Global Telescope     On this day 79 years ago, on 22 June 1941, Germany broke the non-aggression pact between itself and the Soviet Union that led to the entry of the Red Army (Soviet Union) into the Second World War. This, many argue, would prove to be the biggest mistake of Adolf Hitler that would cost him the war as his military could not fight a two-front war in Europe. The Russian Bear has been used as a symbol for the country for centuries. Some view it positively, others negatively. No matter how you look at it, no one has been able to deny one thing for centuries now- the Bear is definitely mighty. More than 1/9 th of the entire land area on Earth is a part of Russia alone. Granted, Russia is sparsely populated in comparison to its size; in fact, a far bigger majority lives in the smaller European half of Russia than the vast Asian area. The total population of this geographical mammoth is roughly 146 million, whi

Evolving Asiatic Axis: China-Russia-India | By Sampurna Mukherjee

Evolving Asiatic Axis: China-Russia-India  By Sampurna Mukherjee      In October 2019, Singapore, a South-East country, signed a Free Trade Agreement with the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), an economic trade bloc loosely modelled on the European Union (EU), in order to integrate and resemble an assembly of former Soviet Union states including Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia. This is an especially significant development for a more prominent member of the group occupying the international stage to a larger extent than the others i.e. Russia. Russia has managed to strike a “diplomatic score”, since such a agreement would expedite a two fold objective of granting an impetus to its companies or businesses as increased foreign capital inflow into the Russian economy using Singaporean subsidiaries and in turn propel and cushion China’s unavoidable growing influence on the Russian economy, a driving partnership of conflicting interests and nationalistic tendencies to comb

Australia: A Seismic Shift | By Vikrant Sharma

Australia: A Seismic Shift  By Vikrant Sharma  Founder-Editor, The Global Telescope  Australia is a massive country with a relatively small population (25 million people as per latest estimates). Most major cities in Australia are located along the coast, while a large part of the total area is covered by desert. The outback, as the interior areas that are largely uninhabited are called, is not conducive for human population, but it does provide Australia with an abundance of natural resources. In 2018, Australia was the world’s largest exporter of minerals , accounting for 23.5 percent of the global minerals export in the world. The second biggest minerals exporter, Brazil, had less than half the value of exports of Australia at a little under 10% . Australia has huge reserves of coal, iron, lead, gold, diamonds, uranium and more.  The Australian economy has benefitted immensely from this fact. The number one country that Australia exports to is China, fuelled by China’s need for natu