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The Tussle for Europe's Money | By Vikrant Sharma

The Tussle for Europe's Money By Vikrant Sharma  Founder-Editor, The Global Telescope    What began in the 1950s as a project to facilitate closer iron and coal industry cooperation in Europe has ended up as the European Union in 2020. The currency move to Euro near the start of this century was a bold and ambitious move, forever linking the economies of most of EU’s member states. While many dreamt of a more united Europe even during those earlier days of European partnership, including Winston Churchill , few could have possibly predicted the close-knit bond that Europe shares now courtesy the European Union. When COVID-19 caught the entire world off-guard and unleashed its devastation, starting around March 2020, entire countries went to lockdown and economies virtually stagnated overnight. The same global economies, mind you, that are based around the principle of steady demand and supply. With disruption of this scale being predicted for a long duration, fears grew of bankrupt

India-US: Finally Friends? | By Vikrant Sharma

  India-US: Finally Friends?  By Vikrant Sharma   Founder-Editor, The Global Telescope         The world is going through a bit of a transitional era. Major disease outbreaks throughout history are known to cause socio-political upheavals, and logically so. The Justinian plague from the 6 th to the 8 th century is speculated to be one of the primary causes that led to the weakening of the Roman Empire, and something that contributed to the eventual fall of the once-colossal empire. It is easy to imagine how pandemics that ravage entire continents can lead to social, economic and political changes; even upheavals. The COVID-19 pandemic comes at an interesting point in time. The USA is increasingly wary of foreign military ventures like Iraq and Afghanistan that led to thousands of US deaths, an incomprehensible amount of public money that was spent in a foreign land, and that gave no immediate and tangible benefit to the average American citizen living in Texas. ‘Make America Great A