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Living with Nuclear Weapons in 2020 | By Vikrant Sharma

Living with Nuclear Weapons in 2020 By Vikrant Sharma Founder-Editor, The Global Telescope   We live in the midst of weaponry that can decimate entire countries. Fortunately for us, such weapons have been used only twice- to level two cities known as Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan in August 1945. It has been 75 years since then and the capabilities of such weapons has only increased in that duration. Even though there have been instances when major powers have come to the brink of nuclear disaster- the infamous Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 at the peak of the Cold War being the prime example- the world has collectively been smart enough to avoid the use of nuclear weapons. So, 75 years after the only time in history when atom bombs were used, where do we stand today with respect to nuclear weapons? Let’s analyse. The two major holders of nuclear weapons, by a large margin, are Russia and USA- a legacy of the Cold War. But the two also serve as a prime example of the principle of det

Sweden: Time for Far-Right Destruction | By Nikhilesh Koundinya

  Sweden: Time for Far-Right Destruction By Nikhilesh Koundinya The World Happiness Report, 2019 ranked Sweden at No. 7 in the list of countries considered to be the happiest in the world. But in 2020 Sweden is facing a major problem due to several protests by minorities because of one man- Rasmus Paludan. As the leader of a party named Stram Kurs he has made several remarks against Muslims and other minorities in the country, and has also publicly burnt the Quran which is the sacred book amongst the Muslims. He has also time and again reiterated for stricter immigration laws which would prevent any non-westerner from setting foot on Swedish soil. Though he has been reprimanded a number of times by the authorities and has even been jailed once, he continues to incite racial violence in the country.  This article talks about the incident which led to widespread protests and burning of Sweden as a country. It also mentions the recent 2018 elections where the right-wing party secured